A 1976 Comic on Stó:lō Land Claims

Author's image, courtesy of Sto:lo ArchivesLast month, Stacy Nation-Knapper, a member of the editorial board for the Champlain Society’s publication Findings/Trouvailles and a PhD candidate in History at York, asked if I would contribute something to Findings/Trouvailles. It is an exciting new online publication geared at exploring unexpected research finds.

I’ve contributed the essay for March, a short discussion on the use of black humour as a form of colonial critique in a comic depicting a 1976 Stó:lō land claims negotiation.

The comic also features in a chapter of my forthcoming dissertation, which examines how Stó:lō political activists, increasingly assertive during the 1970s, frequently framed their protests in terms of protecting and maintaining cultural heritage practices and protocols.

Check out the full essay here.

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